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Improve Your Improv

Stranger Than Fiction provides classes and workshops tailored for performers across all ages and experience levels. From introductory improv classes to advanced ensemble classes, our experienced instructors aim to mirror the intensity and dedication found in top-tier improv comedy schools of New York City and Chicago. Stay up to date on all of our improv educational offerings, by adding yourself to our classes mailing list.


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Everyone would benefit from taking at least one improv class in their lifetime. [Improv] helps you think on your feet, be completely present, and welcome strange situations with a sense of humor!


- Laura Cleminson, Level 1


This was such an awesome experience, I am so glad I joined this class. I had a lot of fun with my classmates and pushed my boundaries.

- Kalvin Poland, Level 1


The highlight of my week! Improv is a spiritual practice for me, a tool of growth, and I felt myself growing every week. Thank you so much for creating the safe, fun, nurturing space for us.

- Jim Readey,

Level 1 & Level 2


I didn't want either class to end! I would certainly recommend taking a Stranger Than Fiction class as it is structured in a fun group setting that is sure to make you catch onto the "improv bug." The scene work and feedback helps you grow start to finish. Go for it and enjoy the journey along the way!

- Lauri Izzi,

Level 1 and Level 2


Improv is life! This [class] has been so much fun and I would never have guessed I would learn so much from a 6-week course. Great teachers, great camaradarie, a great class!

- Julie Nye, Level 2

Beyond our regular classes, we also offer corporate training sessions, team-building workshops, educational performances, and intensive improv programs.

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