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Stranger Than Fiction Marks Two Decades of Laughter with Anniversary Show in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, NH – The renowned improv troupe, Stranger Than Fiction, is thrilled to announce a special performance celebrating their 20th anniversary, set to take place at the Player’s Ring Theater in Portsmouth, NH, on Thursday, May 9th, at 7:30 pm. This landmark event promises an unforgettable evening of improvisational comedy, featuring a mix of classic games, audience favorites, and new surprises that are new even to them!

Stranger Than Fiction started performing it's first shows at the Player's Ring in 2004. Since then, it has become a staple in the New England improv scene, bringing laughter and spontaneous joy to audiences across the region. From captivating performances in Portland, Maine, to recent shows in Lowell, Massachusetts, the troupe has consistently entertained with their unique blend of wit, humor, and unpredictability.

It's looked different over the years as well. Now at 14 members, the troupe bounced back after covid by adding 2 new cast members in 2022, and 4 more in 2023. These new members brought energy to the troupe, and helped in re-igniting it's relationship with the Player's Ring. 

Following the show at the Player's Ring, the troupe will also host an "Alumni Extravaganza" on Friday, May 10th at the Newmarket Millspace. This show will combine former cast members with the current cast, which promises to be a different experience in itself. 

Tickets for the 20th-anniversary show are now available and can be purchased through Stranger Than Fiction's website at, or by going directly to this link.  Given the significance of the occasion and the troupe’s loyal following, early booking is recommended to secure your spot at what promises to be a memorable celebration of improv comedy. More information about the Alumni show can also be found on the troupe's website as well. 

For more information about Stranger Than Fiction and their upcoming shows, classes, or workshops, visit or follow them on social media.

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